The Oasis brings us together,
now we will grow Stronger together

Healthy fruits vegetables and herbs for you every day

At Oasis Youth Farm we focus on teaching sustainable regenerative farming methods. This produces the highest nutrional content, in the most natural way.

Innovative Education

At Oasis Youth Farm you will find and experience beyond the cube which makes the classroom. Our Outdoor educational experiences start with the Outdoor Classroom, the Teaching Kitchen, Herb Gardens and the Range as broad as the Chicken Coop.

Focusing on Healthy Living

The Oasis Youth Farm is set in the middle of the food swamp to challenge the notion its expensive to be healthy. We create options and opportunities for the surrounding community to learn, plant, and grow with us as we provide access to nutrient dense produce.

Mental Health & Mindfulness

Patience, conflict resolution, tempermant all start in the mind. Our educators embody these principles, and create room and opportunity for each young person to reflect on their actions, emotions and reactions. When this hits home we believe this creates healing in our community.

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535 Beech Street

Petersburg, VA


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